Playlist 20/03/10

Gene Krupa Trio at JATP – Introduction – Norman Granz

Gene Krupa Trio at JATP – Idaho

Gene Krupa Trio at JATP – Sophisticated Lady

Gene Krupa Trio at JATP – Flying Home

Gene Krupa Trio at JATP – Drum Boogie – All five tracks tracks taken from The Drum Battle (Verve Reissue 1999)

Dan Berglund’s Tonbruket – Wolverine Hoods – Dan Berglund’s Tonbruket (ACT 2009)

Secret Quartet – Bloor Street – Bloor Street (Edition Records 2010)

Rigmor Gustafsson with radio.string.quartet.vienna – The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines – Calling You (ACT Records 2010)

Andy Sheppard – Bing – Movements in Colour (ECM Records 2009)

Nils Landgren Funk Unit – Funk For Life – Funk For Life (ACT Records 2010). By purchasing this CD you will contribute in making life for people in Kibera just a little bit easier. Nils Landgren Funk Unit and ACT will donate 1€ to MSF for every Funk For Life TM album sold

This week’s video is from Andy Sheppard live at festival Jazz sous les Pommieres, 2009 // a film by Jean-Francois Claire featuring: Andy Sheppard – saxophone / Eivind Aarset – guitar, electronics / John Parricelli – acoustic and electric guitar / Arild Andersen – bass / Kuljit Bhamra – tabla, percussion // We Shall Not Go To Market Today from the album Movements In Colour


Playlist 13/03/10

  1. Tommy Smith & Brian Kellock – Bud Powell
  2. Tommy Smith & Brian Kellock – Very Early
  3. Tommy Smith & Brian Kellock – Never Let Me Go (all three tracks taken from ‘Bezique’ recorded live in Edinburgh on 27 July 2002) Spartacus Records 2002
  4. Stefano Bollani Trio – Orvieto (Stones in The Water – ECM Records 2009)
  5. Ralph Towner – Ogden Road (Diary – ECM Records 1974)
  6. Bill Evans – I Got It Bad and That Ain’t Good (New Jazz Conceptions – Riverside 1956)
  7. Wynton Marsalis – The Midnight Blues – (The Midnight Blues – Columbia 1998)

ECM titles kindly supplied from Cosmic Sounds. To order any ECM title from them (post free), go to

This week’s YouTube clip comes from the Stefano Bollani Trio playing at the 2006 Jazz Baltica Festival in Germany.

Dan Berglund’s Tonbruket

Dan Berglund’s Tonbruket. Photo: Joerg Grosse Geldermann/NEXT

It’s almost two years since the untimely passing of Swedish jazz pianist Esbjörn Svensson. His trio e.s.t. built up an impressive international following since the mid 1990s. Although filed under jazz, the e.s.t. sound was an all encompassing mix with folk, rock and jazz elements. Sounding unlike any other trio, their shows were pulsating events with backdrop lighting effects that added to the music. Dan Berglund’s bass playing with e.s.t. pushed that instrument further and further away from its traditional jazz setting. Berglund’s returned to the recording studio and live circuit with ‘Tonbruket’ (the Swedish word for the big workshops which “produce” sounds). The album represents Berglund’s first as a composer and leader. It’s a sound that pushes towards jazz-rock, and reflects his love of ‘70s rock and prog. But it can also be reflective sounding as Dan’s playing on the poignant ‘Song for E’. e.s.t. had a large, loyal following in Ireland, nurtured through the Improvised Music Company, and it’s fitting that IMC should bring Dan Berglund and his band to Dublin.

Playlist 27/02/10

  1. Jazz Messengers – Announcement by Art Blakey
  2. Jazz Messengers – Soft Winds
  3. Jazz Messengers – The Theme
  4. Jazz Messengers – Minor’s Holiday (all tracks taken from At the Cafe Bohemia Vol I, recorded on November 23, 1955 in the Greenwich night club of the same name)
  5. Alex Mathias Quartet – Loverman. More on Alex and his band at their Myspace page.
  6. Kairos 4tet – The Hermit – Kairos Moment (Kairos Records). Kairos 4tet website here.
  7. Dan Berglund’s Tonbruket – Sailor Waltz – (Tonbruket – ACT Records 2010). Dan’s Myspace here.

Our clip of the week features the Kairos 4tet. Here they are performing ‘Hymn For Her’ from their album ‘Kairos Moment’ live at The Vortex, East London.

Alex Mathias and the music of Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker

Had saxophonist Charlie Parker lived, he’d be celebrating his 90th birthday this year. But at the age of fifteen he began using heroin and the chances of seeing old age seemed slim. Twenty years later, in 1955, he died in the Manhattan apartment of a Rothschild baroness. However, in that brief lifespan, he, along with Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis became one of the most important jazz musicians of the 20th Century. Parker is famously credited with inventing the jazz form Bebop in a club on Seventh Avenue, New York or as Charlie himself put it “I’m accused of being one of the pioneers”.

Alex Mathias and his quintet pay tribute to Bird this Sunday at the Twisted Pepper on Middle Abbey Street, Dublin. Alex has three years at Berklee under his belt, learning from saxophone great Joe Lovano among others. The quintet will be playing a selection of his most famous tunes including Confirmation, Donna Lee and My Little Suede Shoes.

Alex Mathias Quartet on MySpace

Here’s Alex and his band in action at JJ Smyth’s last November with their Parker tribute

The Jazz Loft Project at the New York Public Library

If you happen to be in New York anytime between 17 February-22 May 2010, this looks like a must see

Playlist 13/02/10

  1. Keith Jarrett Trio – Bouncing with Bud
  2. Keith Jarrett Trio – Whisper Not
  3. Keith Jarrett Trio – Groovin’ High
  4. Keith Jarrett Trio – Chelsea Bridge (all four tracks taken from Whisper Not — Live in Paris 1999 (July 1999; live recording)
  5. Portico Quartet – Paper Scissors Stone – Isla (2009 Real World)
  6. Brad Mehldau Trio – I Fall in Love Too Easily – The Art of the Trio Vol 1 (1997 Warner)
  7. Dexter Gordon – Montmartre – Tower of Power (1969 Prestige)

Tied in with that last track played on Jazzorama, here’s Dexter Gordon playing  in ‘Montmatre’, a Copenhagen Jazz Club where he regularly played (clip from 1971)